Who We Are & What We Do


We are a group of five psychotherapists trained in the psychoanalytic tradition of therapy. We are based out of New Delhi, India, and offer therapy services to individuals and couples.

We work with persons experiencing emotional distress due to a variety of reasons such as depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, self destructive patterns, loss, trauma and various other personality, interpersonal and experiential reasons. We offer both short and long term processes of psychotherapy depending on the patient’s emotional state and need.

In the therapy process, the patient and therapist jointly explore conflicts and ways of relating that are at the root of their difficulties. The therapist helps foster a confidential, non judgmental and supportive environment for the patient, within which authentic self exploration can take place. The insight gained and the working-through of difficult feelings make it possible for patients to resolve their struggles and improve their relationship and work lives.

The frequency of sessions is decided jointly by the patient and therapist in the first few consultations.

At present, due to the COVID-19 situation, our physical office space is closed and we are only offering consultations online.