Our Fee Rate

Our full standard fee is Rs. 2,200/- for a 45-minute session.

That being said, the therapy fee is negotiated between each therapist and patient in the first few consultations based on income and ability to pay.

We do have a wider range of fee rates and work on a sliding scale depending on a particular patient’s circumstances, capacities, needs and time availability in the work schedule of a therapist. Typically, each therapist has a range of charges across their slots and meets with a few patients at a reduced fee every week.

Patients would have to inquire about a reduced fee slot. At the moment, all reduced fee slots are full and we have a significant waitlist. Patients may feel free to get in touch with us regarding this and we can share the current waitlist situation with them. Should a patient wish, we can add them onto our waitlist and get in touch as and when we make our way through it.

Our standard fee is revised by about ten per cent every year.